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Who is this special cohort + coaching program for?

We want to empower your entrepreneurial journey with strategic product leadership training and individualized coaching.

In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, entrepreneurs face fierce competition, demanding customers, and a constant need for innovation. To navigate these challenges successfully, every entrepreneur should possess a crucial skill: Product Management. With its unique blend of strategic thinking, customer empathy, and cross-functional collaboration, Product Management empowers entrepreneurs to create, launch, and scale successful products that drive business growth.

Alberta Innovates and Tacit Edge have partnered to bring Product Management education plus professional coaching to entrepreneurs in Alberta.



CLASS TIMES: THURSDAYS 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm (MT) ONLINE for 5 weeks

+ 2 1:1 sessions with Professional Coaches

Starting September 21, 2023

**Spots for the free pilot are limited, so please apply to express interest asap!**

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What else is included?

Easy bite sized video modules.

You will be guided through the core pillars and competencies of Product Management all in one course

Attain our industry recognized PdM-T Micro-Credential.

Challenge yourself with our online assessment after the course. Show off this credential on social to attract recruiters to you!

Access to our Product Management Slack Community.

Find and connect with folks just like you that are pivoting in, or already have already done it! Get tips and see job postings for great roles.

About our Product Leaders


While working at Benevity, Christa met Renee Matsalla, who shared her vision of creating an accessible, clear and diverse pathway to Product Management and Tacit Edge was born. 

It was disruption at first sight — they were destined to co-found something beautiful together… 

The idea for an innovative company that would empower individuals and teams with Product Managers who will change the world,  struck a chord and planted the seed that would grow in perfect harmony to become Tacit Edge Product Management.   

The two corporate veterans spent several years fine-tuning their skills with global companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, German-based Fyber, and Morgan Stanley. Renee and Christa have lead in roles that include Product Ownership, User Experience, Organizational Transformation, visioning and launching products, and design of Missions, including a positive action tracker, which is used by brands including PayPal, Nike, and Apple, and Peer Matching.

While the Tacit Edge co-founders enjoyed success with some of the world’s top organizations, the drive to forge something of their own never went away. Christa stayed true to her promise and insisted they get the band back together, to co-found and launch Tacit Edge in 2021.

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Find out more about us at Tacit-Edge.com