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Listen to seasoned Product Professional James Freeman P.Eng. MBA FRCGS of Converg Innovations (formerly Westgen), share the story of how bringing the Product-led mindset to their teams all at once! This created space for them to attain the foundational skills to have more business agility and see their products' value in new ways. 

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Do you need to level set your teams with education? Do you need coaching, fractional services or  Build real connection in your teams. Inspire personal growth in new ways you have never experienced before. 

In a very short time, your organization can get the support they need to evolve and grow in ways you never thought possible!

Choose any combination that meets your needs:

  • Product Consulting
  • Fractional Product Services
  • Professional Coaching
  • Corporate Education & Certification
  • Team Training In-Person and Online
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Nadia Rybakov

Product Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

“Christa helped me tremendously in wrapping my head around concepts that I wanted to highlight for the audience to create “WOW” effect from the product that I manage. Christa was so natural in guiding me throughout my journey and assisted me with finding the right balance between information overload and the key message that I needed to deliver. I really grew as a professional Product Manager while working with Christa and Renee and was able to use the skills acquired in my day-to-day job in managing continuously changing priorities. It's hard to believe how much you learn while you actively engage with professionals who are true subject matter experts. Thank you both, Christa and Renee, for hours spent together while grooming me to be a next-generation Product Manager.”

Marcie Jones

Chief Digital Officer - Xerris 

Tacit Edge teachings are based on real world opportunities and challenges. They bring frameworks and ways of thinking to students so that they can apply these to existing challenges resulting in new approaches and learnings. What encouraged me to work with them is their offering of 1-1 Coaching. They focus on helping people get to the psychology of their own and their stakeholder's behaviours, making the course about more than just the deliverables. 

I recommend this course to any department looking to reduce middle management and to help grow more empowered teams at the individual level.

Kelly Medeiros

Program Manager - Microsoft

“Their hands-on approach gave me actual experience in creating a technical product from inception to delivery. I still refer to my course notes and materials when I’m faced with uncertainty in my current role,” says Kelly Medeiros, Program Manager, Microsoft. “I am constantly sharing their teachings with my peers and colleagues to improve our processes and products. 

Christa and Renee are not only industry leaders in their field, but they care so much about their clients that they mentor and coach. They supported me during every step of my pivot and were vulnerable in sharing their own experiences. I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for their course, support, and mentorship."  

Be an Empowered Product Leader

Is your team ready for growth? Most Product Managers are self-taught, and for Product thinking to grow and thrive, you need a standard to replicate. Everyone can be unique, belong and thrive. Let's have a common language and practice to reduce conflict, misalignment and unclear expectations.

Add advanced skills to your team.

Product management teams are at the centre of building psychological safety in everything they do. Help your people create a place where fast, iterative learning can create innovation, accelerated value, and industry-leading products.


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Download our program overview and learn more about how this training for individuals on your team, or as a group can change the game in your organization.

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What's included?

Over 60 bites sized video modules.

Your teams will explore the content mix that meets their needs. Then weekly we will meet to practice and demonstrate their competency in their new skills. It can be self-paced or supported as a group. You decide!

Personalize Professional Coaching.

Tacit Edge is a member of the International Coaching Federation. Not only are we proven in Product Practice, but we are also Professional coaches. Here to help your team discover their potential. 

Personalized final assessment.

Our Professional coaches curate a final assessment so your folks can experience the win of everything they learned as a team. Once complete we will issue your PdM-P Credly Credential.


Dig deep into the foundations of Product to bring your acumen to new heights. 

Level up in the areas of product you don't get exposed to everyday, and perfect the skills you already have. Connect in a more advanced way to Product Leadership competencies. 

Our content is always evolving, we are growing ourselves and always iterating to bring you new learnings that deepen your expertise with emotional intelligence, phycological safety, equity, diversity and inclusion, plus new ways to stay in an agile frame of mind. 


About our Product Leaders


While working at Benevity, Christa met Renee Matsalla, who shared her vision of creating an accessible, clear and diverse pathway to Product Management and Tacit Edge was born. 

It was disruption at first sight — they were destined to co-found something beautiful together… 

The idea for an innovative company that would empower individuals and teams with Product Managers who will change the world,  struck a chord and planted the seed that would grow in perfect harmony to become Tacit Edge Product Management.   

The two corporate veterans spent several years fine-tuning their skills with global companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, German-based Fyber, and Morgan Stanley. Renee and Christa have lead in roles that include Product Ownership, User Experience, Organizational Transformation, visioning and launching products, and design of Missions, including a positive action tracker, which is used by brands including PayPal, Nike, and Apple, and Peer Matching.

While the Tacit Edge co-founders enjoyed success with some of the world’s top organizations, the drive to forge something of their own never went away. Christa stayed true to her promise and insisted they get the band back together, to co-found and launch Tacit Edge in 2021.

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