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We are the market leader for post-secondary content that meets the global standard for Product Management education. No need to create your own content, use ours and add your own mix of classroom support that your learners need. 

Meet the market demand.

Product Management is industry-agnostic and high-value education for students and prospective employers. It is one of the high-ranked skills sought after by students and industry for the jobs of the future. In a matter of weeks, you can add Product Management to any of your programs or as a stand-alone competency.

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Affordable & Flexible Delivery 

Licensing options that include self-paced, and support for training instructors. Online learning or in-person, you choose how you use our content.

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  •  Templated licensing agreements
  •  Easy to access content for your LMS
  •  Marketing materials

Global PdM Micro-Credentials

You set the structure, we provide the certification pathway. We issue globally recognized PdM micro-credentials from foundational to advanced levels.

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Tom Alvarez

Chief Product Officer | Good Lawyer


I've been taking courses through the product community locally since the start of my journey into Product Management in 2020. Throughout that time, I have crossed paths with Christa and Renee often and always had a great experience — they are both so open, welcoming, and encouraging to people who want to learn about Product. 

The beautiful thing about the Product philosophies and strategies taught in the program is that they can apply to any kind of product! I think earlier-stage companies with digital products are the ideal fit for this program, but the lessons these students learn can be taken and applied to just about any company that wants to make their products better.


Margaret Glover-Campbell

Chief Operating Officer | The Virtual Gurus

One of the most noticeable things about the Tacit Edge Grads was that they all had a really strong sense of curiosity. It's imperative for us, as we build brand new products in a relatively new industry, that our team connects by digging deep to find answers. It's connected us with a larger group of people in the product space, but most importantly, it's brought a sense of order to our process of moving from ideation to discovery to scoping to development and roll out. The alignment between Virtual Gurus and Tacit Edge around purpose was an unexpected surprise. We were founded on the principle of uplifting folx from traditionally underrepresented communities - through direct hiring, through providing learning opportunities and through upskilling. It really was sympatico.


I think product management sometimes gets lost as a side-of-desk activity for companies in scaling mode. We've seen an acceleration of product development and user acceptance of new features since we've added PM to our team. I think any company looking to scale faster should bring the product management function into their teams. What separates Tacit Edge from others is that their approach is the first. The real-world experience these grads have, whether in tech or another industry, that they're able to bring to their roles really helps anchor the decisions they make.  

About our Product Leaders


While working at Benevity, Christa met Renee Matsalla, who shared her vision of creating an accessible, clear and diverse pathway to Product Management and Tacit Edge was born. 

It was disruption at first sight — they were destined to co-found something beautiful together… 

The idea for an innovative company that would empower individuals and teams with Product Managers who will change the world,  struck a chord and planted the seed that would grow in perfect harmony to become Tacit Edge Product Management.   

The two corporate veterans spent several years fine-tuning their skills with global companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, German-based Fyber, and Morgan Stanley. Renee and Christa have lead in roles that include Product Ownership, User Experience, Organizational Transformation, visioning and launching products, and design of Missions, including a positive action tracker, which is used by brands including PayPal, Nike, and Apple, and Peer Matching.

While the Tacit Edge co-founders enjoyed success with some of the world’s top organizations, the drive to forge something of their own never went away. Christa stayed true to her promise and insisted they get the band back together, to co-found and launch Tacit Edge in 2021.

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