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Product Manager Trained | PdM-T Global Foundations

Product Manager Trained Program | PdM-T Global Foundations


Product Management is a role within a product development team that leads the vision, strategy, and creation of a product, from conception to retirement and is an increasingly in-demand role across many industries. This is the first step towards learning the industry standard of this practice by completing the first level of our series of industry-recognized credentials "PdM-T" Product Management Trained.

You will learn that Product Managers are entrepreneurs – they are “intrapreneurs” at organizations that drive innovation.

They identify a customer need and business objective to achieve.
They articulate what success looks like and how success can be measured.
They empower cross-functional teams to bring that vision to reality through product, services, technology and people.

In this course, you will learn the role of the Product Manager and the core foundational principles of the practice. Through practice on a product of your own, you will explore concepts and applications of product discovery, visioning, strategy prototyping, testing, launch, and optimization. You will learn how to conduct user and market research to identify problems, create a hypothesis, and ideate solutions to those problems. Techniques to test the viability, value, feasibility, and usability of the ideas will also be discussed. Learnings can be applied in any industry. This course is ideal for entrepreneurs, as they are the first Product Managers in their organization.

This course is ideal for:
Entrepreneurs, Product managers, and product adjacent roles such as Product Owners, BAs, and Project Managers, product teams that are looking for core education to deepen their ability to speed up their time to learning and be more agile.

This course was designed to answer the question, "What is product and Product Management?" It is perfect for folks who want to learn about this role and how they can pivot their existing skills and experience toward a successful product career.

Once you've completed the Product Manager Trained curriculum, your next step is to share what you have learned with your network!

You will be sent info on how to complete a knowledge assessment and earn a Product Manager Trained micro-credential which is the first credential in our global PdM standard of practice learning pathway.

The micro-credential assessment includes:
- Up to 30 multiple-choice questions.
 - All questions are based on concepts from the Product Manager Trained online program.
 - 80% is required to earn the credential.
 - If you don't pass, not to worry! We will allow you to re-take the assessment!