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June 2024 PdM-T | 5 Weeks Product Leadership For Entrepreneurs

In 5 weeks, we will show you how to have the mindset of a Product Manager!

Class time: Thursdays 1:00-2:30 pm (MT)

Starting May 16, 2024

You will come away with:

  • Market-Centric Approach: Product management instills a deep understanding of customer needs, pain points, and desires. By adopting a market-centric approach, entrepreneurs can develop products that truly resonate with their target audience. Skillful product managers conduct extensive market research, collect customer insights, and leverage data-driven decision-making to create offerings that solve real problems, delivering maximum value and customer satisfaction.

  • Strategic Vision and Road-mapping: Entrepreneurs need a clear vision to guide their business and product strategies. Product management equips entrepreneurs with the tools to define long-term objectives, set strategic goals, and map out a roadmap for success. By aligning product development with overall business goals, entrepreneurs can make informed decisions, prioritize initiatives, and focus resources on high-impact areas, fostering sustainable growth and a competitive advantage.

  • Agile and Iterative Development: Building a successful business often requires an iterative approach to product development. Product management introduces entrepreneurs to agile methodologies, enabling them to adapt quickly to changing market dynamics and customer feedback.

  • Cross-Functional Collaboration: Entrepreneurs must effectively collaborate with various stakeholders, including designers, engineers, marketers, and sales teams, to bring their products to life. By facilitating communication, managing expectations, and creating a shared product vision, entrepreneurs can harness the collective expertise of their teams, drive alignment, and deliver exceptional products with greater efficiency.

  • Customer-Driven Innovation: Successful entrepreneurs embrace a culture of customer-centric innovation. Product management trains entrepreneurs to identify emerging market trends, spot untapped opportunities, and deliver innovative solutions that surpass customer expectations.

    Included in this course, we go even deeper with Professional Coaching to unlock your full potential and achieve extraordinary results.

    Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey is a thrilling endeavour filled with boundless opportunities and unique challenges. To maximize your chances of success, there's one invaluable resource every entrepreneur should have: professional coaching. With the guidance of an experienced coach, you can tap into your innate strengths, overcome obstacles, and accelerate your growth as an entrepreneur.



Here's why every entrepreneur would thrive with access to professional coaching:

  • Self-Discovery and Personal Growth: Professional coaching provides entrepreneurs with a supportive and

    empowering environment to explore their strengths, values, and aspirations. Through targeted assessments and deep introspection, coaches help entrepreneurs gain a profound understanding of themselves and their unique leadership styles.

  • Clarity and Goal Setting: Navigating the complex landscape of entrepreneurship requires a clear vision and well-defined goals. A professional coach assists entrepreneurs in clarifying their objectives, refining their business strategies, and setting meaningful milestones.

  • Strategic Decision-Making: Entrepreneurs face a multitude of critical decisions that can significantly impact the trajectory of their businesses. Professional coaching equips entrepreneurs with frameworks, tools, and techniques to make strategic choices with confidence. Coaches provide an external perspective, challenge assumptions, and facilitate critical thinking, enabling entrepreneurs to evaluate options more objectively and make informed decisions that align with their long-term vision.

  • Accountability and Motivation: Entrepreneurship can sometimes feel like a solitary journey, making it challenging to stay motivated and accountable to oneself. Professional coaching offers entrepreneurs a trusted partner who holds them accountable to their commitments, progress, and goals. With the support of a coach, entrepreneurs can maintain focus, stay motivated during tough times, and consistently strive for excellence, ultimately fueling their entrepreneurial success.

    Course Level

    Introduction, Intermediate or Advanced – Content and activity challenge level can be tailored to group level. Please group learners by cohort based on the level they require.


    Product Management Trained (PdM-T) Credly Micro-credential issued upon completion of the course and activities.


  • Entrepreneurs are building products that are digitally transforming and disrupting industry.

  • Adjacent roles that support the founders that need coaching towards a product-led approach that focuses

    on iterative development, learning, and continuous alignment.

  • Companies and founders adopt agile principles throughout their organizations and into their businesses.

  • Agile/Scrum/Product teams that want to standardize and up-level their practice to build products that

    solve real problems, improve speed to learnings, and ship outcomes that can be measured, not just features in their products.


    No product or technical experience is required.

What People Are Saying:

The mentorship and coaching I received from Christa Hill and Renee Matsalla gave me the foundations and learnings essential to my current role. Their hands-on approach gave me actual experience in creating a technical product from inception to delivery. I still refer to my course notes and materials when I’m faced with uncertainty in my current role. I am constantly sharing their teachings with my peers and colleagues to improve our processes and products. Christa and Renee are not only industry leaders in their field, but they care so much about their clients that they mentor and coach. They supported me during every step of my pivot and were vulnerable in sharing their own experiences and learnings. I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for their course, support, and mentorship.

- Kelly Medeiros, Program Manager, Microsoft